Things to do in Taiwan; My Personal Experience

I never thought of picking Taiwan as one of my travel destination. Honestly, nothing really piqued my interest in Taiwan. However, now that I have been there, I can guarantee you guys that it will be such a pleasant journey!

I didn’t really plan to go to Taiwan. It just happened in a blink of an eye. It started when one of my Chinese roommate, who often traveled, told me that she would go to Taiwan because she’s never been there before. The next day, my boss told me that I’ve got three days off for summer holidays, and it just suddenly came to my mind that joining my roommate on a trip to Taiwan would be a great experience for me. As it was hard to match our schedule, we decided to meet in Taipei in the middle of the trip. I ended up going there with my other roommate from Germany.
I decided to go to the southern part (Kenting) because people told me that it has beautiful beaches compared to the northern part. So, I booked the cheapest flight to Kaohsiung which was the closest airport to Kenting. It cost me around 18,000 Yen for round-trip flight ticket. Then I took a ride on a bus to go to Kenting, for about 3 hours. That was longer than the expected time because the traffic jam was kinda crap. Well, as a person who was born in the country where it’s famous for its traffic jam, I really had nothing to complain about.


Things To do in Taiwan, Kenting
The main road close to our hotel in Kenting
As both of us don’t speak Chinese, and with my half-baked Kanji knowledge, I could say that life was pretty harsh there. Even in Kenting, which is famous among foreigners, it’s not easy to get by as the street vendors and the hotel staffs couldn’t really speak English.


Things to do in Kenting
Street vendors around Kenting Road
We arrived in Kenting at night, and they dropped us at Kenting road, which was quite close to the place where we stayed. FYI, I spent 18,819 Yen for 3 days and 2 nights at Foremost Hotel in Kenting road. It’s pretty cheap considering the room that we got was quite big and comfortable.


Kenting Day 2

The next day, we spent most of the time on the beach close to our hotel. The beach was quite small and pretty packed with tourists although it was on weekdays. There, we sat together with the other tourists from Denmark, Greece, Canada, and America. The Greek guy, who appeared to have his own restaurant in Taiwan, brought his homemade Greek style salad. It was totally the best salad I’ve ever had in my life. They were pretty nice and friendly, I didn’t expect that at first. Guess you can’t really judge a book by its cover.

Kenting Beach
The beach close to our hotel
As the time went by, and the sun almost set, my crazy german friend told me that he wanted to climb one of the small cliffs stranded by the beach. It was around 4 meters tall, and he wanted to climb it because bouldering has been one of his obsessions since I don’t know when. Here he was, climbing the rock without any safety equipment sticking in his body whatsoever.
Kenting Beach
Crazy ‘Gaijin’ is bouldering
When night came, we decided to stroll around Kenting road to check out what the street stalls have in store. As an Asian, I was actually really eager to try all of the snacks that are sold in the stalls. However, for my European friend, it seemed like the food there didn’t match his taste bud. I ended up buying some seasoned boneless fried chicken to treat my longing taste buds for fried food.

Kenting Day 3

This time, we decided to rent an electric scooter to explore the deeper area of Kenting. FYI, renting an electric scooter doesn’t require you to have a license because the top speed of an average electric scooter won’t exceed 30km/h. If you go to Kenting, I really recommend you guys to rent a scooter. It was really fun and easy to ride, regardless of whether you know how to ride a bike or not. Having prior knowledge on how to ride a bicycle will be enough.
After spending some time to look for a good price, we ended up renting a scooter close to our hotel at 600 TWD for the whole day. At first, I was a bit scared as I never rode a motorbike by myself before. The renter would then show you a map of the route where you could and couldn’t go. With the scooter that we rented, we didn’t have to change the battery as it will last up to two days (according to him).
Scooter in Kenting
Me, riding scooter for the first time
Our first stop is the lighthouse in Eluanbi Park. Each of us bought a straw hat as the sun was scorching like hell that afternoon.
Then, we headed straight to see another beach nearby. In the middle of our ways, we noticed some locals are pulling over, so we followed them. There, we witnessed a hidden hill which was amazingly beautiful.
I will write about the days I spent in Taipei in another post. Stay tuned!

17 thoughts on “Things to do in Taiwan; My Personal Experience

  1. Ano!!!! A wonderful post on Taiwan! And love your website! I am now “Following” you too! Good luck with this & all you do! Thanks for “Following” my Phil

  2. Ano, thank you for reading from my blog. WordPress made the electronic suggestion that I read this entry. I like it! I learned a great deal about (southern) Taiwan in reading how it was for you to travel there. Your style and voice are engaging. Thanks again, Christopher

  3. Such a descriptive photo essay, even though at the time you struggled with language with the actual event. Renting scooters while traveling is always a good way to travel. Thank you. All my best to you. 🎄

  4. Everyone has the same thing to say about Taiwan, “I’d never considered visiting Taiwan”, “I didn’t think Taiwan had much that would interest me”, “I thought I’d only be able to have enough to do for a three-day trip”, and yet everyone who has been seems to end up singing the praises of this small place!

  5. It sounds like you had fun time in Kenting. I didn’t know about Kenting either until I was in Taipei for a holiday and heard other people talking about it. I only spent two days there, but it was beautiful.

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