My First Utterance in 2017: Reflection

Through the ups and downs, through thick and thin, 2016 has been such a great year for me.

There are myriad things in this life that make you aware of the fact that at some point, not everyone will like you no matter how amiable you are.

From the adolescent to be fully matured, everyone goes through phases in their lives. Perhaps the most obvious transition is the sudden comprehension that you are responsible for your own future. Perhaps it’s just as simple as providing yourself, being independent and all.

2016 has been such a great year for me. I would say it shaped the way I think and the way I deal with things. Opportunities come and go just like one’s roommates. However, it is up to you to either grab them or to see them disappear into thin air right before your eyes.

2016 has been such a great year for me. I finally found my dream job. A job that always offered me a room for improvements and an environment that always supported me. There’s nothing more that I would wish for.

2016 has been such a great year for me. I met a lot of aliens in a world where I’d be considered as one. Meeting those entities has somehow opened my eyes. I cherrypicked what’s best for me and discarded the obsolete ones. Have you ever met someone who seemed so unlike you on so many levels that you wonder how it’s plausible for both of you to get along so well?

Anofebriano in Omotesando

2016 was full of bittersweet memories. Not everything went as smooth as what I expected to be. Not everything went as the way I planned it.

The biggest mistake I’ve made was the fact that I believe if I cast a beautiful net, I will only catch beautiful things.

I proved it wrong. In the end, not everything is calculable. Also, don’t expect everyone to have at least the minimum decency of traits you would expect from a person. People can just be random. So, bear with it.

2017. There’s still a long way to go. Godspeed.


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