My Weekdays Routine: Riding the Subway to the Gold Mine, (Rd: Commuting to the Office)

His puffy black coat pressed against my ratty H&M basic jacket; I believed I could hear a sigh coming from his sleeves, as I was pushed into the tiny space behind him.

It was an early morning in the Subway train of Toei Oedo Line. As usual, I departed from Kokuritsu Kyogijo Station since it was the closest station from my hut. And yes, by hut, I’m not exaggerating. I live in a 6.74 m2 room inside a so-called Sharehouse. Well, since space is really expensive here in Tokyo, for foreigners, they might be surprised by how small a person’s room would be, regardless of how high the rent is. Continue reading “My Weekdays Routine: Riding the Subway to the Gold Mine, (Rd: Commuting to the Office)”

My First Utterance in 2017: Reflection

Through the ups and downs, through thick and thin, 2016 has been such a great year for me.

There are myriad things in this life that make you aware of the fact that at some point, not everyone will like you no matter how amiable you are.

From the adolescent to be fully matured, everyone goes through phases in their lives. Perhaps the most obvious transition is the sudden comprehension that you are responsible for your own future. Perhaps it’s just as simple as providing yourself, being independent and all. Continue reading “My First Utterance in 2017: Reflection”

Christmas in Japan: How is It Different?

That Japan always does things differently shouldn’t surprise anyone anymore. The same thing goes with Christmas in Japan. For those of you who will spend your first Christmas in Japan, you might be surprised and fall to the assumption that Christmas is just another normal day in Japan. Well, calendar-wise, it is indeed a normal business day. However, it doesn’t take a hard look to figure out that Japan does celebrate Christmas too, in a way. Continue reading “Christmas in Japan: How is It Different?”

My First Appearance in Japanese TV Show

Random. That pretty much explained what happened to me for the past few weeks.

As I have mentioned in my previous post before about my friend who came to Japan and how I showed him around the town, I accidentally met a couple of TV crews and they asked me for an interview right on the spot on that same day.

Continue reading “My First Appearance in Japanese TV Show”

Between Shibuya and an Unexpected Encounter

This weekend, my friend from Indonesia came to Japan to do a photo-shoot. It’s like killing two birds with one stone as he hasn’t been to Japan before. FYI, my friend is a photographer who often took Pre-wedding photo shoot projects. This time, he brought along another photographer and one make-up artist to help him on this project. They were really nice and friendly. Continue reading “Between Shibuya and an Unexpected Encounter”

Arc Academy School Shibuya | Classroom Activity


Trying to make my first “senryu” by using a brush pen. “Senryu” is a Japanese-style poem that consists of 5-7-5 syllables. To be honest, this one was messily done and not meaningful either… But it’s interesting! 😁


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Accidentally Met Sharla “Literally” in Japan


OMG, look who I bumped into today in Shibuya! It’s @SharlaInJapan! A famous youtube vlogger and also one of the people who inspired me to come to Japan. If you want to learn everything about life in Japan, go subscribe to her channel!

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