Christmas in Japan: How is It Different?

That Japan always does things differently shouldn’t surprise anyone anymore. The same thing goes with Christmas in Japan. For those of you who will spend your first Christmas in Japan, you might be surprised and fall to the assumption that Christmas is just another normal day in Japan. Well, calendar-wise, it is indeed a normal business day. However, it doesn’t take a hard look to figure out that Japan does celebrate Christmas too, in a way.

Christmas in Japan
The trees were lit up along the road in Roppongi Hills

So, what comes first to your mind when you heard the word “Christmas” in Japan? For me, the answer is simply chicken. Yes, in Japan people usually bought chicken to celebrate Christmas at home. The easiest way for them to do this is by getting some from KFC. That’s why during Christmas, KFC was always selling their chickens with flying colors.

Christmas in Japan
Enjoying Christmas Cake with my Roommates

Another thing is cake. A lot of cake shops or even convenience stores would start selling Christmas cakes and people would line up to get ’em.

Also, don’t forget to check out Roppongi Hills. Usually, they would make the best Christmas trees and they would light up the trees along the road. It’s just a perfect combination with the illuminated Tokyo Tower in the background.

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